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We got the chance to sit down with "SMYLE" aka Justyn Graves, who's newest track "Back Home" is on our latest compilation EP, Shiba Selects, Vol. 3. Join us as we dive into his creative process, inspiration and journey!

(PB) Hey Justyn! Where are you from?

(JG) I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada

(PB) Any meaning behind your track on the EP "Back Home"?

(JG) To me, “Back home” is about having those endless nights dancing with the one/ones you love and chasing that next, night after night. I wrote it out of different scenarios in life where I wish I could had those nights, consider it reflections? The essence of chasing those nights is how a junkie needs adrenaline or a fiend needs a high. Sometimes it’s easier to just to go back home though.

(PB) I love that! Living through the moments. What was your first concert you attended?

(JG) My first concert ever was J. Cole on his 2014 Forest Hills Drive tour in 2014. It's one of the most memorable concert experiences I’ve ever had, watching him perform on the stage which was built to be his childhood home. He spit every classic you can think of, even off the “Born Sinner” album.

(PB) Oh man, I cannot even imagine. J. Cole is a forever legend and has had such a powerful impact on this generation. What artist inspires you the most?

(JG) This is tough. I began as a rapper/vocalist, my inspirations are Childish Gambino, Mac Miller, J. Cole, Frank Ocean, and Tyler, The Creator. My first recollection of deep music listening was listening to Bastard, but never seen Tyler live yet. EDM/DJ wise, my inspirations are Oppidan, MPH, Knock2, salute, Sammy Virji and much more between sub genres.

(PB) Damn, such a good selection. Love me some Tyler, I find him extremely inspiring myself. What inspires you the most overall?

(JG) Life is a big inspiration. I just interpret that, in a musical form.

(PB) That's beautiful! What brings you happiness?

(JG)To create something out of nothing is the most fulfilling feeling you can ever have. And to transmit that in a form of vibrations? The heart burns endlessly.

(PB) I absolutely love that. "To create something out of nothing" truly is so special. What does the average day look like for you?

(JG) Waking up on a Thursday, kiss my girlfriend, grab Dutch bros, smoke a blunt, make some records. In that order.

(PB) Haha! Nice. Coffee and a blunt has been scientifically proven to be the best way to start your mornings. When did you know you wanted to start creating?

(JG) In high school, I got this opportunity to create a pep tune for my marching band. The orchestration of woodwinds, brass, and percussion to make a composition of your own design with endless possibilities. That’s when.

(PB) Love to hear it! Any long term goals?

(JG) My long term goal is to create a brand. A franchise behind the “SMYLE!” brand to show fans the love I have for the music and for their support, producing and sitting in studios as a creative entity, and performing a well organized music and visual pleasing experience for audiences around the country, next the world.

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