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Welcome, music lovers! We made it to the second week of our artist spotlight series. Today we will share insights into one of our artists, Phillip Wolf, a local artist hailing from the artistic hub of San Antonio, Texas. He is one of the visionaries behind Last Friday, an innovative live-act & arts event that takes place every LAST Friday of the month in Downtown Las Vegas!

Hey Phillip! Where are you from? (PW )I was born in Okinawa, Japan, but I was raised in San Antonio, TX. Nice. So what drew you to the music industry? (PW) I’ve always been in entertainment one way or another. I acted for 10 years, then I just got really attracted to the controlling of your own destiny and the creative freedom music brought. I’ve always loved to write! That's great. I can see the passion in your writing through your music for sure. Who inspired/inspires you the most? (PW) Such a crazy inspiration but I started making music because of the Gym Class Heroes. Their first album The Papercut Chronicles was so beaty and jazzy. I went to school in such a rap-dominant area so when their fusion of rock/rap hit me I was hooked. They later moved into a way poppier vibe, but I’ll never forget the way that first album hit me.

Gym Class Heroes were sooo good. Haha. What’s an average day like for you? (PW) Right now it consists of my everyday grind, throwing shows, writing music, and figuring out how to blow up both my music and my event Last Friday. Gotta love the grind! If you could vibe with anyone either that has passed or still living who would it be? (PW) Damn, there’s so many. Prince, Kanye, Steve Miller Band, Chance the Rapper, Rick Rubin to name a few. Oh man that is a good list. I feel anyone in the creative industry should sit with Rick Rubin. Who would you most like to collaborate with? (PW)I think I could make a banger with Smino or Chance the Rapper. How do you describe music? (PW) It’s a feeling. There’s a soundtrack to everything an individual does, you just have to come across it or find it and that connection is exhilarating. I love that. There really is a soundtrack to everything. If you could give teenage self advice what would it be? (PW) Care less about what people think and stay true to yourself. Preachhh. Everyone should be taking that advice! Haha. What’s next for you? 1 year anniversary or Last Friday and an EP coming soon, as well as a couple of music videos in the works! Stay tuned for the next chapter in our Artist Spotlight series! Cheers, PB & PW

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