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SPTLGHT is always looking for professional creatives to join the SPTLGHT roster.

Want to be a part of the team? 


- History of punctuality 

- Must be able to communicate well both in person and online (professional conversations, plus proper grammar and spelling in emails and text)

- Must own quality, professional equipment (@DJs, if you only own a controller and DJ table, we can provide you rental speakers, microphones, etc - but, you must know how to set everything up on your own)

- While we are here to help you get work and build your portfolio, would be a perk if you had an existing resume that proves your craft and skill level

- Must have your own vehicle, which is well maintained and reliable

Benefits Of Working With Us:

- Pick up a few extra gigs throughout the year! Crushing it? We'd love to help you become a full-time creative.

- While we do take a small commission on the final payment, we handle all of your admin work (i.e. invoices, contracts, payment collections, follow-ups, etc.) so you can simply focus on what you love to do

- Receive straight cash for referrals. You do zero work besides get us in touch with lead; if it closes, you 

get a commission 

Interested in joining our team?

Click here to email us. Include the following information:

- Full name

- Stage name

- About you / your service(s)

- A short bio

- Any media, links, or files to showcase your service(s)

Please make this email brief and simple, highlighting your best work. We will set up a call with you to gather additional info later!

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