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Let me introduce you to Lil Disco...

By Peyton Burns

Let me introduce you to Lil Disco, an artist stepping out with a fresh alias. You might know him as Teddy, one-half of the DJ duo Flashgang, from the daily dance-it-out on Instagram, fashion icon and festival dance floor slayer. Lil Disco is here to share some insights into his life, music, and the city he loves to calls home.

Lil Disco is a true Vegas native, born and bred in the desert. He’s a product of the city’s glitz and glamour, which has influenced his musical journey. But what makes living in Las Vegas so special for him?

For Lil Disco, the best part about living in Las Vegas is the lack of humidity when hitting the disco scene. Dancing already has enough sweat involved, alright. He’s also a die-hard Vegas Golden Knights fan, bringing that hometown pride to every game. And let's not forget the hidden gem of Boulder City, Pit Stop Burgers – I personally haven’t tried it but looks like I have new plans this weekend.

Of course, not everything in Vegas is sunshine and rainbows. The new wave of traffic and those eternal orange cones have become our biggest stalkers. And don’t get him started on the blistering 110+ degree summer days – it’s enough to make anyone wanna abort a mission to the beach.

Speaking of dreams, Lil Disco often fantasizes about living somewhere with a beach. Imagine blending beats with the sound of waves in the background – now that’s paradise for any of us. We are coming with you!

What truly fuels Lil Disco’s passion is blending vocals with the beat to create a unique energy. Whatever the outcome may come as long as it can make people move. 

Reflecting on his journey, Lil Disco’s biggest muse is the idea of not blasting off earlier. He’s learned that sometimes, the journey is about recognizing when to take that leap of faith and hit the launch button on his new endeavors.

We all have our guilty pleasures, and for Lil Disco, it’s a mix of house music, Latinas, and binge-watching shows. We can’t blame the guy can we?

Every artist faces their challenges in this industry and one of the biggest challenges he’s faced in the music industry is performing live. Dancing with your friends on the dance floor, at  the gym or in the studio comes natural for Teddy but he expresses that no one can teach you how to feel on stage – that’s a solo journey that every artist must navigate.

I always like to ask artists what advice they would give their younger selves and if Lil Disco could sit down with young Teddy he’d have a few words of wisdom to share: trust the process, hit turbo, and always have your guard up around Latinas – they can be unpredictable (jokes, of course).

As for the future, Lil Disco’s goals are clear: drop an album, embark on a tour, collaborate with other artists, keep the sweet heat flowing, perform more live shows, and build both new and old friendships. And, of course, continue living it up in good ole Las Vegas.

Stay tuned for more beats, stories, and performances from Lil Disco. This is just the beginning, and the best is on it’s way!

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