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Las Vegas born producer joins Sweet Heat Records

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Alec, aka 'Jacky Nash,' is carving out his way as a fresh producer on the scene. For Alec, producing has always been more than just a blend of beats—it's been a lifelong obsession. "Cool sounds just hit different, you know?" he muses. "It's been that way forever." Drawing inspiration from the likes of Kanye West, Mike Dean, Skrillex, and Fred again, Alec has crafted his own vibe, mixing genres to create something truly unique. Alec's first available streamed beat came with L-Rich, President of Sweet Heat Records, "Lift Off" on his second EP, Party Musik Vol. 2. Currently he is working as Teddy Hart's, also known as Lil Disco, full-time producer. Lil Disco is the original founder and owner of Sweet Heat Records, before passing off the ranks to L-Rich in January 2023.

Reflecting on the music industry's evolution, Alec notes a significant change in recent years. "There's less substance and more focus on vibes," he observes. While he's down with the changing scene, he's not entirely sold on it being a good thing. Alec can pinpoint the moment he fell for music. "Blink 182 did it for me," he recalls. "That was when I really connected with music. After that, I was hooked." Alec explains that furthermore, "I still remember my first concert at 17," he reminisces. "Wiz Khalifa—it blew my mind." That gig ignited something in Alec—a love for music that only grew stronger with time. Like any true music buff, Alec's got a few guilty pleasures up his sleeve. "I've got a soft spot for MGK," he confesses. "There's just something about his vibe that gets me every time." Beyond his early influences, we asked Alec what producer he'd like to sit with if given a chance. If Alec could sit down with any artist, it'd be Kanye West. "I'd love to pick his brain," Alec says. "I want to know what drives him, how he stays so creative. A little bit of crazy probably helps," he adds with a laugh. 

In the chaotic world of music, Alec finds solace in the simple things—his wife, his dogs, making beats, and hitting the links. "Those are the things that keep me grounded." For Alec, the thrill of music production lies in crafting melodies and finding the perfect bassline. "There's nothing like it," he explains. "It's like solving a puzzle, and when it all clicks, it's pure magic." If Alec could talk to his younger self and give his current self a tip, he'd keep it simple: "Everything's gonna be alright." Looking ahead, Alec's mission is clear—to make people feel as good as he does when he's making music. Music has a way of bringing people together, and he wants to be part of that. In Alec's world, when passion meets creativity, and the result is pure magic.

Stream Lil Disco & Jacky Nash's new single with Sweet Heat Records here.

By Peyton Burns

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