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Introducing CAM: A Journey into the Heart of Music

Meet CAM, the artist behind "JAB!", from our recent EP, Bop Collection Vol. 2 by Sweet Heat Records. Join us as we explore his music journey, influences, and the stories behind his songs. 

From Hilo, Hawaii, CAM moved to Las Vegas. His music is all about passion and connection. As a young child, CAM was surrounded by the harmonious echoes of guitars and voices filling the air within the walls of his church. That's where it all began for CAM. Soaking in the musical vibes from his family members, music wasn't just a hobby; it was a refuge, especially amidst the challenges of having to cope with Tourette's Syndrome at the age of 5. Music was his outlet, becoming the guiding light that reassured him of his voice.

We asked Cam about his earliest songwriting experience, where he recalled his school days on the Big Island. Later, he received an acceptance letter from the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts. Facing a long-distance relationship, during his move to Vegas for school, he and his partner chose to part ways, eventually marking his first encounter with heartbreak. Inspired by Labrinth’s "Jealous", CAM's song "Pieces" explores the aftermath of heartbreak, symbolizing the struggle to mend himself, after a part of him was taken by a loved one. CAM's music is for everyone. Much of his songs dive into many emotions and experiences we all know too well. While typically writing to upbeat vibes and hooks, you'll get a little slice of his soul in every track. From heartache to happiness, doubt to hope, and everything in between, it's all fair game.

Acts such as Bruno Mars and Shawn Mendes stand as pillars in CAM's musical landscape. Both artist's influences stretch far beyond mere admiration. Reflecting on Bruno's ascent from Waikiki, Hawaii to global stardom, Cam finds solace in the fellow Hawaiian's journey, igniting a fiery resolve that knows no bounds. It's a reminder that dreams, no matter how crazy, are within reach. But, it was Shawn Mendes's documentary "Wonder" that really connected with CAM. Seeing the excitement of life on tour and hearing fans' cheers in hotel halls lit a spark in him. Inspiration from artists like these allowed him to write his new song "Let's Go", an unreleased track about celebrating life's adventures.

For CAM, it's all about balance, as he juggles the demands of a day job while nurturing his musical soul. Outside of work and music, he operates Last Friday, a monthly open-mic, which he co-founded. CAM explains, through Last Friday, many of his connections were forged, paving the way for future collaborations and creative endeavors. When it comes to the creative process, CAM's approach is all about the art of spontaneity. From mumbling melodies in the booth to vocal comping, each step is a leap into the unknown, guided by intuition and passion. In today's crazy tech-driven world, CAM is committed to keeping his craft real. While technology offers new possibilities, he worries about artists straying from their roots in order to follow trends. CAM's not a fan of AI-made music, believing in the importance of human connection in creativity. Amid music industry challenges, there's one piece of advice that stays true for CAM -- Don't stick to one style of music. CAM believes in trying different things, while staying true to himself. This guides his music journey. For CAM, music is more than just tunes and words, it's about bringing people together. He hopes each listener finds something meaningful in his songs, reminding them they're not alone.

Growing up in Hilo, Hawaii, CAM's life was filled with Hawaiian and Filipino traditions. His family values of love and kindness shape his music and outlook on life. As CAM continues his musical journey, one thing is clear: his songs aren't just sounds—they're stories of human experiences and music is a language that connects us all! You can stream CAM's new song "JAB!", with Sweet Heat Records, on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, and more. 

Credit: Peyton Burns, Lionel Miranda

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