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Welcome, music lovers!


We have a thrilling opportunity to delve into the creative minds of the talented artists behind the highly anticipated EP3 for Sweet Heat Records. Today we will share insights into one of our artists, Sailor Z, and her artistic journey. She is 23-years-old originally born in New Jersey and currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can find her track "All of It" featured on our EP dropping May 26, 2023.


Hey Sailor Z! So, What was your first concert? 

(SZ) My first concert was a Drake concert and he bought out Migos and Tyga. Super dope time. 


Ah, a couple of legends! Which artist has inspired you the most on this journey? 

(SZ) I can’t name just one artist that inspires me because there are so many but if I had to say my top 3 it would be XXXTENTACION, Yung Lean, and Pink Floyd.  


Dope! When did you realize you wanted to start creating? 

(SZ) Always in life, I knew I wanted to do something with music. I feel like God laid that on my heart in the womb. So basically since I can remember. 


Love that. Sounds like you were truly called in this lifetime to create! What keeps you going on this journey? 

(SZ) What keeps me going is God #1. Then the people that support and love me, and lastly my passion and love for music keep me going. Without music I’m incomplete. 


That's beautiful you found a passion in music that keeps you going. How would you define music? 

(SZ) Music intrinsically is vibrations but there is something magical about those vibrations that we can’t explain. Not only can you just hear music, you can also feel it. It moves people. Everyone loves music and it brings people together. 


Such a good answer. I agree completely. Speaking of bringing people together. If you could sit and vibe with one artist that has passed or is living who would it be? 

(SZ) One Artist I would love to sit and vibe with would probably be Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd).


Syd Barrett, that’s some psychedelic stuff right there! I imagine that being a vibe for sure, haha. What is the main inspiration behind your music? 

(SZ) The main inspiration behind my music is just to make everyone feel like they belong. I want my music to bring people together. I want my music to unlock feelings inside you that you never knew you had. I want people to hear my music and feel like they have someone that understands them.  


That's really powerful. With that kind of answer, I see you really connecting with the people and that’s what is so special about music. What is your long-term goal? 

(SZ) My biggest long-term goal is to simply be proud and at peace with myself. 


You are on the right path! Peace is important. What brings you happiness in this life? 

(SZ) What brings me happiness is making people feel loved and important. Also seeing other people being kind to others. Oh, and my nephew. He’s my best friend.    


Stay tuned for the next chapter in our Artist Spotlight series! Cheers, PB & SZ

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