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vegas artists leave their 9-5

Our blog focuses on spotlighting creatives who go all-in on their passions. Our mission is to give exposure to artists who excel as both artists and business professionals, helping them get to the next level of their career. In 2021, two Vegas locals, who have been friends since high school, both took the leap of faith, leaving their "9-5" to to pursue music full-time. Today, they're getting booked consistently, opening for major artists, and have a new single coming out on June 10, 2022 called "Proper". The upbeat, inspirational anthem is about quitting a job to focus on a passion; in this case - music. This song, releasing on all major music platforms soon, has a pretty awesome backstory.


L-Rich and Jdhd are two Las Vegas artists who are setting an example for creatives in their area. They are living proof that we can achieve what we set our minds to. In early 2021, when both struggled staying interested in their jobs that they became unpassionate about, they decided to quit clocking in to pursue music full-time. L-Rich had various jobs such as a movie theater usher, dishwasher at a mom-and-pop pizza shop, an office assistant, and in March of 2021, quite his last job doing data entry for a travel company to write music, open a recording studio and DJ. Just a few months later, his high school classmate and music industry friend, Jdhd, also took the brave step. Jdhd quit his job at a local cannabis dispensary where he was making close to minimum wage, to pursue a similar dream; produce music and DJ. Just one month after leaving his job, he was hired to DJ an event at the previous place he worked at. This is what Jdhd had to say on Twitter:


Both musicians are now resident DJ's at Vegas's brand new, and very popular, nightclub in Downtown Las Vegas called We All Scream. Every weekend hundreds of tourists, and locals alike, have been queuing up in record-long lines to check out the new outdoor/rooftop party, where these two have been sharing the DJ decks from 10-4am every Friday since the end of April of 2022. Along with many DJ gigs over the weekends across the Strip and Downtown, both give back to the community by teaching music lessons on weekdays to young, aspiring creatives. One of the coolest things to happen on their music journey to date is getting to perform their original song, "I Bounce Back", at Vegas's largest multi-genre music festival, Life Is Beautiful. Performing live in front of packed, shoulder-to-shoulder stage was a special moment, as the festival also included names such as Megan Thee Stallion, A$AP Rocky, Green Day, and Billie Eilish. Although they are not an official music duo, they've been working on a many new songs together; Jdhd makes the beats, while L-Rich focuses on writing lyrics and recording vocals. L-Rich and Jdhd's new song, "Proper" comes out in June of 2022.


Rapper and songwriter L-Rich says, "Proper is about leaving behind proper work attire, desk-jobs, etc to pursue what you love. Since taking the leap to focus on music, I've been booked to play a major music festival, a few international shows, and even generated six-figures from bookings in just one year." Their new song “Proper” gives you a taste of their last collaboration, which is a dance-music-hip-hop-fusion, and more. Inspired by "Bad Boy" by Yung Bae and bbno$, they are back at it again with a 4-on-the-floor beat, but this time using funk and disco samples. “Proper” will be played when these two open for popular UK DJ/producer duo, Snakehips, in Las Vegas on July 1. What else is to come? Several Vegas blogs and podcasts are covering this release, plus an official music video dropping during the last week of June, 2022.


L-Rich, Jdhd - "Proper" is for fans of Mac Miller, Anderson .Paak, bbno$, and Yung Bae. Presave "Proper" today on your favorite streaming platform such as iTunes, Apple Music or Spotify.

Blog: Beyond The Art

Title: Vegas Artists Leave Their 9-5

Featuring: L-Rich & Jdhd.

Written By: Lindsy Weeks

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